class tinygp.solvers.quasisep.general.GeneralQSM(pl: JAXArray, ql: JAXArray, pu: JAXArray, qu: JAXArray, a: JAXArray, idx: JAXArray)[source]#

Bases: Module

A rectangular (n1,n2) quasiseparable matrix with order m

  • pl (n1, m) – The lower left quasiseparable vectors.

  • ql (n2, m) – The lower right quasiseparable vectors.

  • pu (n2, m) – The upper right quasiseparable vectors.

  • qu (n1, m) – The upper left quasiseparable vectors.

  • a (n1, m, m) – The transition matrices.

  • idx (n1,) – The indices of the diagonal.

matmul(x: tinygp.helpers.JAXArray) tinygp.helpers.JAXArray[source]#

The dot product of this matrix with a dense vector or matrix


x (n2, ...) – A matrix or vector with leading dimension matching this matrix.

property shape: tuple[int, int]#

The shape of the matrix