The tiniest of Gaussian Process libraries.

tinygp is an extremely lightweight library for building Gaussian Process (GP) models in Python, built on top of jax. It has a nice interface, and it’s pretty fast (see Benchmarks). Thanks to jax, tinygp supports things like GPU acceleration and automatic differentiation.

How to find your way around?

🖥 A good place to get started is with the Installation Guide and then the Tutorials. You might also be interested in the Why tinygp? page.

📖 For all the details, check out the User Guide, including the full API documentation.

💡 If you’re running into getting tinygp to do what you want, first check out the Troubleshooting page, for some general tips and tricks.

🐛 If Troubleshooting doesn’t solve your problems, or if you find bugs, check out the Contributor Guide and then head on over to the GitHub issues page.

👈 Check out the sidebar to find the full table of contents.

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